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Everything You Need to Know

While we cannot call what we do "Medicine" by clinical definitions, we are practitioners of total health and wellness. Organic, Holistic, Natural herbs - foods - and ingredients seeking only a state of balance that translates into total wellness.  Not all people are of the mind body spirit complex to be healed or actuated by the catalyst of the healer. We ask only that you look deep within yourself and ask yourself truly, "Do I want to be well?" If so, we might be able to help. We make no guarantee as to the effectiveness of any Tonic, Elixir, Potion, Remedy, or Amelioration. Only ancient knowledge and a solemn pledge to treat you as family. Special, Crucial and Unique. And to use every tool at our disposal to always help, and never harm. This is the law of one. This is service to others. And we do it gladly.